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Casino Luxembourg – Forum d'art contemporain 41, rue Notre-Dame | B.P. 345 | L-2013 Luxembourg

Ausstellungseröffnung: 14. Mai 2011
Ausstellungsdauer: 15.Mai 2011 – 11.September 2011

The theme treated in this exhibition is linked to a recent tendency bearing witness to our Noughties era, namely the multiplication of personalities via Internet (among others). Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Second Life, to mention but a few, are platforms for social contact that invite us to live several lives simultaneously. Multiple profiles, a double life online: so many escape routes from a real life which seems morose compared to the possibilities offered by the virtual world. Through the perspective of artists from very different horizons, the exhibition will attempt to analyse and lower the masks which enable the affirmation that the virtual I is an other or that I is virtually an other.

Curators: Paul di Felice, Pierre Stiwer, Kevin Muhlen
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Fotos: © Susi Krautgartner